About Clay Experience


"We believe everyone can be creative"

The founder of Clay Experience is practising ceramicist Linda Southwell. Visit www.lindasouthwell.co.uk to view her work. As well as creating florally inspired sculptures Linda is passionate about sharing her love of clay! So, the ethos of Clay Experience is simple: enjoy working with clay in a relaxing, empowering and therapeutic environment.

Whether you want:


  • to tick 'have a go on a potter's wheel' off your bucket list,

  • have an 'alternative', creative hen party or, 

  • really want to develop a body of work that is yours


Clay Experience offers something for everyone.


In 2020 many of us have learnt to value the power of craft and focusing on our own mental wellbeing. 'Creating' gives us self-worth and empowers us. It connects us on a fundamental level with one another and, with the primitive material that clay is, to the earth itself.

It is incredibly important to us at Clay Experience that a safe, supportive space is available to encourage everyone to find pleasure in making, regardless of ability. See some testimonials from past customers below...



"Linda is amazing, she is a great instructor, I have attended 2 workshops this year and will do some more next year and she is also great fun.

I can highly recommend a workshop or course if you feel like trying some clay crafting."

— Sue W, evening class and workshop attendee


“Great experience for my granddaughter Juna over from Japan. Made an amazing panda with bamboo alongside phoebe belle who made a horse. Linda so helpful and encouraging they had great time.”

— Janice B, a bespoke workshop